About Us

Who We Are

With the 2020 lockdown upon us…

We didn’t have much money to fund the projects we wanted to start, and soon realised that many people in the creative industries were struggling with the same problem.

After joking that it would be easier to swap skills with someone so we could finish these projects, we then had our lightbulb moment.💡

Our Mission

Simply put, we aim to connect creatives so they can exchange their talents. Tit4tat is an online platform that enables you to collaborate with like minded people to finish (or start) your side-hustles, projects, deadlines, anything you want or need whilst taking money out of the equation. Our platform can be used freely by anyone who needs it. If you have a passion for creating but can’t afford the price tag, Tit4tat can help you get those project turnarounds done quicker and cheaper.

Our Values

It's nice to be nice

This industry is a wonderful place with creativity running through it. We understand and respect the creators that choose to work using our platform and we expect everyone to do the same.

Work hard and let your creativity wander whilst giving others the best project you can create. Work using integrity and respect everyone in the community to create their best.